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Know How Bio Therapy Can Grow Hair

AK Clinics | February, 1 2013 | 0 Comments

Baldness is a fight that many individuals combat silently. Until recently, people never came up with issues related to baldness. They would endure the gazing eyes of people & remarks like Ganju, Taklu, Baldie, Slap-head, etc. But one doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Thanks, to the innovations in the field of hair loss treatments. There’s wide arena of options available like Hair transplant, topical medicines & therapies. Bio-Therapy is one of them, which is also called PRP Therapy. The therapy is based on the concept of human germinative cells which have got the ability to regenerate various important structures in embryonic life.

These cells can be used in various ways so as to cure diseases like blindness, polio, cancer, and spinal cord injuries etc. It was deemed as ‘Miraculous Recovery’ when Jonathan Bornstein, soccer player in the USA, came back 5 weeks earlier than his stipulated recovery period. Blood was drawn from the Chivas player and then centrifuged leaving mostly platelets. The serum was then injected back into his injured knee which resulted in the miracle. The technique has been fuelled by the endorsements of celebrity athletes like Tiger Woods who used platelet rich injections after knee surgery and was back on the greens earlier than expected. Since then the experiments have been made and this technique even gave great results in hair restoration as well. The principle is to offer quality hair growth. The treatment is done by taking out cells from the individual’s body itself, which are then injected to the scalp in order to activate the dead cells. Bio-Therapy requires multiple sittings because it is always better to infuse fresh cells to obtain good results.

Advantages of Bio-Therapy
The therapy works on two dimensions. On one hand, it improves the texture of the hair, while on the other it boosts the hair growth. Wherein, the growth of hair can be expected within 3-4 weeks. A person can get 30-40% hair growth by three to four sittings of the therapy. Adding to it, the results are completely natural and long-lasting.

Disadvantages of the therapy
Besides all these advantages, Bio-Therapy is associated with no known side effects because germinative cells treat hair loss directly and activate the dead hair follicles. They prove more effective than topical treatments, which serve as temporary solution for Hair loss.

Bio-Therapy @AK Clinics
With a thorough research of two years on Bio-Therapy, doctors at AK Clinics have examined that optimum centrifugation conditions are required to draw platelet cells from the blood such as centrifugation time, speed & temperature. The parameters irrevocably define the safety and efficacy of cells derived from the blood. Moreover, specially designed instruments are used to inject the germinative cells into the hair follicles to an optimum depth. In another method, cells are injected through the scalp rolling technology where they are introduced by means of tiny pricks into the surface of scalp. The insight gained from the experience created better results and an opportunity for those suffering to get rid of all the pain and humility associated with baldness. Doctors at AK Clinics rolled out this therapy in 2011 and they are successfully delivering great results. Those with advance stage of baldness can even avail reasonably good results with this therapy.

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