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Finasteride and Male Pattern Baldness Part 1 of 2

AK Clinics | November, 8 2013 | 0 Comments

Male Pattern Baldness has been a killer of many hopes of illustrious careers, of relationships that wilted before blossoming.  For men,  grappling with baldness can be extremely embarrassing; especially when faced with a problem whose root cause is not easily understood.  For instance, male hormones cause changes that affect hair follicles and make them more sensitive while converting the main male hormone called testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.  As a result hair follicles begin to shrink and in extreme cases, men may become depressed; unable to cope with the social stigma of being called “tuckloo” or “ganja.”

To an extent, this problem can be redressed by a drug called Finasteride but this is not a wonder drug. Taking prescribed doses will certainly help, but it cannot be considered a sure-cure.  There are many other important factors to consider before using Finasteride.  This is especially critical for those suffering from allergies or who are already using complementary medicines, even herbal ones.   Another vital factor is that high doses are available and a person needs to ensure that he is not taking different variations, as this can prove harmful.  When unsure about the tablets, its best to touch base with the doctor, instead of risking complications later.  Also, never combine taking doses, to make up for a missed dose; but the flexibility Finasteride provides, is that the tablets can be taken before or after meals.  Set a routine, to take the tablets at the same time everyday, this reduces the chances of forgetting a dose.

 However, this doesn’t mean you self-prescribe or recommend this drug to others even though they show the same symptoms.  Medical supervision and advice is critical and self-help is foolishly dangerous, in this case.  Also, do not let advertisements or testimonials lure you.  Correct counseling from veterans like world renowned surgeons at A K Clinics can prevent you from avoidable complications and suffering later on.  Visit or call for consultations at our Delhi, Ludhiana & Mumbai centers, where our team of qualified and trained doctors will provide you with guidance based on your individual needs.

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