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Finasteride and Male Pattern Baldness Part 2 of 2

AK Clinics | November, 8 2013 | 0 Comments

Can Finasteride be a substitute for a procedure, treatment or therapy that fights baldness and promotes hair regrowth? What should your consumption pattern be? Is it based on what you gleaned from the net? More serious thought needs to be given, before you decide to pop the pill! To begin with, have you even considered discussing this with a hair care expert with a proven track record? Or are you treating this lightly like a subject that merely warrants dinnertime discussion and then casually dismissed? If this is a serious matter for you, then it goes without saying that it needs serious contemplation. A good practice would be to read the leaflet, inside the pack, to keep one’s self abreast of possible side effects.

How long can you safely take Finasteride?

Growth chart most definitely differs from person to person.  Hair growth may seem to improve in a few months or upto a year, but stopping the treatment may signal the return of baldness.  Also, are you prepared for the side effects? Have you braced yourself for what could go wrong? Finasteride is also known to influence results of a blood test for detecting prostate cancer and cause several worrisome symptoms in men which require medical attention.  They are pain or lumps in breast area, discharge from nipples and inability to have an erection.  Breast cancer in men who have taken Finasteride has also been reported.   Always remember that an overdose is dangerous and if you come across someone who may have had an overdose, the person needs to be rushed to the hospital , WITH the container, even if it is empty.  Self-doctoring can prove disastrous.  It is the same with recommending Finasteride to someone else who seems to suffer with the same conditions.   Only a medically qualified professional can prescribe Finasteride and its dose.  It is always advisable to consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and precise evaluation of your condition and openly discussing your misapprehensions instead of depending on hearsay.  A K Clinics has centers in Ludhiana, Delhi and Mumbai where renowned surgeons can aid you in your quest for therapy that works best for you.  Is it FUE that will benefit you or are you looking for answers to hair thinning problems? You can get more insights and consultation advice at 

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