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Rain-Proof Your Locks: Essential Hair Care Tips for Rainy Days

AK Clinics | June, 19 2023 | 0 Comments

Your hair plays a significant role in your overall appearance and can have a profound impact on your personality. It enables you to create a unique persona and confidence to approach life with a positive outlook. Maintaining a proper hair care routine plays a vital role to ensure it doesn’t leave you high and dry. Whether it be the blazing scorches of the summer or the frosty chills of the winter, you need your hair to keep up with any circumstance that follows.

Just like any other living thing, your hair reacts to different physical environments differently. It may become frizzy, wavy, dry, dull, or fluff up accordingly. One thing we all hate is dealing with our hair in those vexing days of rain.

With the monsoon season approaching and sudden downpours catching us off guard, we are here to help you maintain your hair in this season of sleet.

How does the monsoon affect our hair?

Here are some common problems that you may face during the rainy season:

  • Frizzy Hair
  • Dandruff or Dermatitis on the Scalp
  • Itchiness or Irritation
  • Mild Hair Loss

Essential Hair Care Tips for Rainy days

The weather in monsoon season tends to become more humid which leads to frizzy hair. The hair tends to absorb moisture and its wisps tend to stand out, making it more susceptible to damage, causing it to become rough and dull. Acid rain can strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Its acidic pH can lead to potential scalp issues like dandruff or dermatitis and also weakens the hair shaft. This further results in increased hair loss, split ends and overall loss of hair quality.

How can you prepare your hair for the Rainy Weather?

To make sure your hair does not end up becoming a mess in this harsh weather, you can make some changes to your routine and have a care-free day. Regular application of oils such as coconut oil is recommended as it possesses antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which can be used 15-20 minutes before taking a bath.

Having weather-proof hairstyles such as a loose bun or braids facilitate proper aeration of your hair and make sure you avoid sweat accumulation. Avoid excessive use of hair dryers or heavy styling products in the humid weather.

What changes can you incorporate into your daily life?

As a general rule of thumb, you should cleanse and condition your hair properly. Not washing enough can lead to greasy dandruff and growth of fungus on scalp. Use of antifungal shampoo can help prevent the same. You should change hair-care products with the changing seasons. Use of clarifying shampoos for oily scalps, anti-dandruff shampoos for scaling and mild shampoos for wet or sweaty hair will make sure you don’t end up with cumbersome hair.

  • Applying a hair-mask once or twice a week can be useful to control the frizz created by humid environment.
  • Wearing a rainproof hat or using an umbrella will make sure you stay protected in case of an unpredicted drizzle, significantly reduce the amount of moisture your hair absorbs and maintain your desired style.
  • Avoid excessive brushing or combing wet hair to prevent hair fall or unwanted split ends.
  • As a quick fix, you can use a touch of serum or leave-in conditioner for taming unwanted frizz.
  • Refreshing and reviving the hair throughout the day bring a fresh look and helps avoid hair clumping together.
  • Opting to use lightweight styling products add volume and texture without compromising your hair’s natural bounce.
  • Carrying a travel-sized hair kit with essentials such as a wide-tooth comb and hair ties can come in handy for quick touch-ups or if you need to restyle your hair after being exposed to rain.

What to do if you get caught in the rain?

If you happen to get drenched in the rain, be sure to wash your hair to rinse out the rain water as the pollutant rich acid rain may damage your hair if left unnoticed. Never dry your hair vigorously after getting wet in the rain, rather use a soft towel to wrap your hair and get the excess water out by squeezing lightly and using a mild shampoo afterwards. A gentle moisturizing shampoo also helps cleanse and hydrate your hair properly. Afterwards, using a wash off conditioner will make sure your hair retains its self-moisture. Allow your hair to dry naturally instead of using a blow dryer or straightener. Once your hair is mostly dry, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle it gently.
To protect yourself from future rain, consider checking the forecast and using protective hairstyles to minimise its exposure to rainwater.

Does diet play a role?

Yes, diet plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy hair during the rainy season (or any season, for that matter). A nutrient rich diet and well-rounded diet is essential not only for your hair but also your overall health. Here’s how you can make sure you’re keeping up with it:

diet - hair care tips for rainy days

  • Consume lots of protein which helps strengthen your hair and prevent hair fall.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day to replenish and hydrate your hair as well as your body.
  • Keeping a tab on your Vitamins especially Vit. D and B12 will make sure your hair’s health is not affected.
  • Optimum Iron levels play a significant role in the maintenance of strong and healthy hair. Consuming green leafy vegetables will contribute towards that.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids play a role in nourishing the scalp and supporting healthy hair follicles. Include sources of omega-3s such as fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines), flaxseeds, chia seeds, and walnuts in your diet promote hair health.

Adapt to the environment

Seasonal adaptation to various sorts of climate and weather can help you lead a comfortable lifestyle. Seasonal shedding of some hair is common but there is no need to panic as long as you follow the precautions and steps mentioned above.
Remember to be gentle with your hair and avoid excessive manipulation, especially when it’s wet.
Last but not the least, do remember to cherish your hair for what it is and embrace yourself with a whole heart.

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