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Home remedies for Hair Loss

Dr. Aman Dua | January, 27 2015 | 0 Comments

For centuries, we have been hearing about natural remedies which can not only reduce hair loss, but also ensure that your hair looks healthy. We have dismissed many of them as nothing more than just old wives’ tales. But the fact remains that there is some substance to such tales, and our ancestors knew what they were doing.

In this article and the next one, we will take a look at those ingredients, which can be found around the home and can be used to take care of hair. Simple concoctions, made with ingredients that are probably available in your kitchen cupboards, could help you bid farewell to hair loss. Here are some best home remedies for hair loss.

Home Remedies for hair loss

  • Gentle application of warm oil onto the scalp is very healthy. There are numerous oils which are known to be great for the hair, and these include coconut, almond, lavender, jojoba and mustard. While jojoba oil is known to replace the sebum in the scalp, grapeseed oil can ensure hair that is free from dandruff and is visibly stronger. Even safflower oil is known to be good for hair care, because it is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
  • While coconut oil has always been regarded as magic oil for the hair, even coconut milk can work wonders. This is one of the richest derivatives from the plant world that can nourish and replenish tissues. A simple scalp massage with this coconut milk can ensure that your hair will look healthy.
  • There was once a time when aloe vera was considered nothing more than a plant that grew in the wild and had a lot of water content. Today, however, people have realised what a wonderful plant it is and how many benefits, one can reap from the same. While pure aloe gel can be applied directly to the scalp, you can also use aloe vera juice. Not only will it balance the pH level of the scalp, but also make your hair shine. It is also easy to make an anti-hair fall shampoo, by combining wheat germ oil, coconut milk and aloe gel – apply this on the scalp and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Neem has been considered a wonderful antiseptic, but is also a great option for hair care. The astringent property that is inherent to neem, will keep not only dandruff, but also lice away. You can create a concoction that can be easily created, by boiling neem leaves in water, till the water reduces by half. Use this liquid to rinse your hair out, on a weekly basis.
  • Amla or gooseberry is rich in vitamin C, but it can also work its magic on your hair. This small fruit can actually keep a check on hair loss and ensure that your hair looks lustrous. Here are just a few ways in which amla can be used:
  • Boil dried amla pieces in coconut oil, till the time the oil turns black. Strain this oil and store in a clean bottle. Warm a little amount and massage onto the scalp.
  • Dry and powder amla, mix the same with shikakai and some water to create a paste. Use this paste as a shampoo and wash off with warm water. However, those with dry hair should use only the amla powder, because shikakai will enhance the dryness.
  • Amla powder can also be combined with lime juice and applied to the scalp. Normal amla can be soaked overnight in water, and the water that is drained from the same should be used to rinse hair, after shampoo.
  • You can even eat amla or drink the juice on a regular basis, in order to ensure the benefits take effect from within the body.
  • Many people enjoy eating curd, but would you believe it if you were told that the same curd could make your hair stronger and prettier? Curd can not only prevent hair loss, but also work as a wonderful conditioner. You can combine curd with honey or black pepper and apply the same on your hair. Once dry, the hair can be washed off with lukewarm water. Curd can also be combined with camphor, to create an effective hair mask, which will assist you in fighting hair loss.
  • The hibiscus flower is a stunning creation of nature, but this bright red flower has been used for centuries for hair care. The leaves as well as the flower can enhance hair growth and keep them shining. The same can also prevent split ends and dandruff. Hibiscus flowers can be heated in normal coconut oil and the subsequent solution can be strained and stored. Ideally, this oil should be applied to the roots and hair and left overnight. In the morning, you can shampoo the same off. If you are looking to utilise the leaves of this plant, all you have to do is boil them in water, strain off the excess water and the grind the leaves to a fine paste. This paste should then be applied to the scalp and washed off in 20-30 minutes.

In the next article, we will continue to look at day to day ingredients, which can be used to protect hair against fall and ensure that not only is your hair beautiful, but also stronger from within!

Dr. Aman Dua

Dr. Aman Dua

Dr. Aman Dua, Co-Founder & Managing Director at AK Clinics has over 14 years of clinical and teaching experience in the fields of Dermatology and Hair Transplant. Clinically, she has practiced aesthetic dermatology as a Consultant at Dayanand Medical Hospital, Ludhiana where she also served as the Assistant Professor & Skin Specialist for a number of years.

Over the course of her career, she has garnered acclaim as a facial aesthetics expert, with special interest in non-surgical acne scar removal. She practices as a Chief Dermatologist at Ludhiana Clinics.

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