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I recently had a hair transplant

AK Clinics | February, 10 2016 | 0 Comments

Que: I recently had an FUE procedure done, in the crown area as well as the front part of the head, which is where the bald patches were most prominent. The procedure was done almost a month back and I was thinking that the results would be clear by now. However, I have noticed that the hair looks much thinner and it seems that I am more bald now. Is this normal or is there something for me to worry about?

Ans: When a transplant procedure is conducted, there is a period where something called shock loss can happen. This is when newly transplanted hair are only starting to take root. The feeling of baldness could also be attributed to the fact that the area surrounding the transplant site would have been trimmed or even shaved, and since there is no covering hair, the area looks bald. Normally, this is a condition that takes care of itself and within a few months, you should not have much problem.     

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