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What is a facial volumiser and why is it needed?

To put it succinctly, it’s a mini facelift in a syringe, because it returns the volume lost from your face over the passage of time. Sunken cheeks and dragging jowls give an ugly appearance due to the loss of supportive tissue structures. Facial volumisers work their magic by restoring volume and shape to the face, giving it a healthy, more youthful glow.

But how will you make a facial rejuvenation choice? There is fat grafting and even liquid face lift, which fall under the category of facial volumisers and work towards giving your face a full look. A simple analogy is years ago, our face has the full look similar to a juicy grape, but time robs it of its moisture and elasticity, over the years making it resemble a raisin. Facial creases and wrinkles get softened with the dermal fillers but there’s a drawback. These filler treatments are by no means permanent and need to be repeated. Also, they consist of different combinations such as Botox used alongside dermal filler or Hyaluronic acid filler used by itself. Stimulating collagen build-up through the use of Radiesse filler is another novel technique of bringing back that look of good health and vitality.