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Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi

Age, exposure to the sun, chemical ingredients in skin care products, medical conditions, certain medications – there are so many things that could lead to tiny dark spots on your skin. Commonly known as pigmentation, these spots or blemishes are normally no health hazard, but most people do not like the way it makes their face or body look. The medical term for the condition is hyperpigmentation – a condition wherein there is excessive production of melanin in the body and that leads to the formation of dark spots.

In order to get rid of these spots, there are plenty of ways, thanks to the innovations in medical science – these vary from chemical peels to laser treatments. As long as you get your pigmentation treatment in Delhi done from a reputed clinic with experienced doctors, you can be ensured that you will be able to bid farewell to those obnoxious spots or at least see them fade away!


What is Pigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a normally harmless condition that is caused due to excessive melanin production in the body, which leads to dark spots on the skin. It may affect any area of the body and could be a source of great distress to the patients but most people get impacted with pigmentation on face.
It is easy to think that all dark spots on your skin are due to hyperpigmentation, but the fact is that there are different types of pigmentation.

Common Symptoms of Pigmentation

Before you start worrying about the pigmentation treatment cost in Delhi, you need to first finalise that what you have is a pigmentation problem. The symptoms will vary from cause to cause and these include:

Age spots

You will be able to see brown, black or dark coloured spots on those parts of the skin that are most commonly exposed to the sun. These spots are most commonly seen on people who are constantly out in the sun or are of a higher age.


In this condition, you will see large patches of skin going dark and are most commonly noticed on the face and stomach. Pregnant women, women on birth control pills and people with darker skin are more prone to these spots.

Post inflammatory

Conditions such as eczema can lead to the appearance of dark patches or entire portions of the skin becoming dark and these can be noticed mainly on the face or neck regions.

Main Causes of Pigmentation

In order to start pigmentation removal treatment in Delhi properly, it is imperative that you first figure out the cause of the same. There can be several reasons that lead to hyperpigmentation, such as:

Exposure to sun

Exposure to sun

Commonly known as sun spots or age spots, these are the marks that appear when the body produces extra melanin to protect the skin from prolonged exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.

skin Inflammation

skin Inflammation

If an injury or condition like acne or eczema has affected the skin, there are chances of the skin darkening in those spots and causing hyperpigmentation.



When there are hormonal changes in the body, for instance, when you are pregnant or going through menopause, there could be the formation of darker patches of skin.

Medical conditions

Medical conditions

Medical conditions such as Addison’s disease and hemochromatosis could also lead to the appearance of pigments on the body.

Medicines reaction

Medicines reaction

There are certain medicines such as antimalarial drugs and certain antidepressants that are known to lead to hyperpigmentation. In certain cases, the skin could turn grey.

Treatments Options for Hyperpigmentation

When you come to AK Clinics, you have access to the best pigmentation treatment in Delhi and there will be several options that will be offered to you. These will include:

Topical creams and ointments
If your pigmentation has just started or is really mild, chances are that you might be suggested the use of topical creams or medicated ointments. The active ingredients in the creams could help lower the melanin levels in the skin, helping improve skin tone and even out complexion. While there could be slight skin irritation, these creams are normally effective for mild pigmentation.
Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are designed to remove the top layer of the skin to reveal healthier, cleaner looking skin that sits just beneath. More importantly, the skin cells are stimulated to recover from within. The entire process can help reduce the appearance of new pigmentation and make the visible ones much lighter. The intensity of the peel solution will depend on your pigmentation.
Intense pulsed light (IPL)
A broad spectrum light is directed towards the skin, via a handheld device and that targets the melanin directly. When the light hits the melanin, the particles are forced to break down. With the dissipation of the melanin particles, the skin starts to look clearer and the spots become lighter. With a few sessions, you will be able to see the skin become clearer and pigmentation marks reducing and eventually you will have skin that is clean and clear.
One of the most modern and advanced therapies, laser has shown results for reduction of acne marks and is now being used commonly for pigmentation as well. The basic notion of the treatment is similar to IPL – the laser beams are targeted at the melanin and the particles break up. The intensity of the laser can be changed as per the requirement and discretion of the doctor.

Why AK Clinics for Pigmentation Treatment?

Our team of highly trained doctors and dermatologists know exactly which tools and procedures to use for each skin and pigmentation type. This ensures that you get the best treatment and will get to see the results you are hoping for.

Visit our clinic for your pigmentation and we will ensure that you are well taken care of – we will first understand your concerns and after a thorough examination, an experienced doctor will suggest a course of action for you and explain all the pros and cons of the same.



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Before, During & after Pigmentation


Before any treatment, it is essential that a proper examination be conduction in advance. Information regarding your medical history, lifestyle, genetics and medications will be collected as these will be needed. It is also important that you tell your doctor whether you had any allergies or have had any medical procedures such as surgeries. If you are on any medications, you might be asked to not consume them or be given alternatives. You might also be asked to not consume alcohol or smoke for a few days.


Depending on the procedure that you are getting, your skin will be cleaned thoroughly and all traces of any products, such as creams or makeup will be removed. The chemical peel or laser will be directed towards the area that needs to be treated – there could be tingling in the skin or the area being treated might change colour. However, these are temporary side effects and should vanish soon.


In most cases, the results you desire might not be visible in a single sitting; you will in all probability need more than one session. Immediately after the first session, there could be some tingling, burning sensation, itching, swelling or redness and all these are pretty normal. You will be given instructions on how to take care of the treated area and might be prescribed some medicines and asked not to step out into the sun for a few days.

Questions Asked By The Patients


Can pigmentation be removed?

Depending on how deep or old your pigmentation is, the marks could be removed completely or at least reduced considerably. This will also be dependent on what procedure has been chosen for you and how experienced the doctor conducting the procedure is.

What is the best treatment for pigmentation?

This is something that will be dependent on the type of pigmentation, how old it is and how deep the pigments have settled into your skin. When you walk into a pigmentation removal clinic in Delhi like AK Clinics, the first step will be an examination, only after which a course of action will be decided for you. The best treatment for you will be based on your skin type and pigment type.

What type of laser is used for laser pigmentation treatment?

At AK Clinics, we utilise only the most modern and advanced machines and equipment –most commonly, we utilise Q-switched Nd-Yag or intense pulsed light or IPL for most of our procedures.

What is the cost of pigmentation treatment in Delhi?

The cost will be dependent on a range of factors – these will vary from your age, your skin type, the type of pigmentation and the procedure being chosen for you. In addition, the number of sessions needed to tackle the problem will also have a role to play in the final billing.

Do’s & Don’t before Pigmentation Treatment

  • Do get a proper consultation and examination before finalising on any procedure.
  • Do give the doctor all the details about your medical history, your lifestyle and genetics.
  • Do tell the doctor about any medications that you might be on.
  • Don’t wear too much makeup on the day of the procedure
  • Don’t expose yourself too much to the UV rays of the sun
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