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Giga Hair Transplant

If the loss of hair is truly extensive, one or two sessions might not be enough and at such a time, you will need a solution that will help cover more area, in the minimal amount of time. At AK Clinics, we understand such concerns and offer solutions that are ideal for people who wish to cover a larger area of bald head, in the least amount of time.

What is Giga Session Hair Transplant?

Mega Session Hair Transplant

This is actually a combination of follicular unit extraction from the scalp and body hair as well. Even in the best scenario, we recommend the extraction of 4000-4200 grafts at one time. We will extract hair follicles from not only the scalp, but also beard, chest and legs and this decision will depend on how many grafts are available in the donor area.

Giga Session Hair Transplant

Something that we are pioneers in, a giga session is a combination of follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant. This is the best choice if the requirement is that of 5000 grafts or more.


Our Patients Testify

"I had 2 Botox treatments and I am very satisfied with the procedure and outcome. Dr Bhawna and her team are very friendly and professional. I am sure I will be using their services again."

Anna Etter

Questions Asked By The Patients


What factors help decide the possibility of a giga session?

Not everyone can undergo a giga session, because there are some factors which need to be looked into first. These include:

  • There has to be a good enough supply of grafts
  • The surgeon and his team needs to have the capability to complete the procedure
  • The capability of the dissector should be high (more than 300 follicles per hour)
  • The capability of the implanter should be more than 400 grafts per hour

How is giga session hair transplant done?

A giga session is a very careful combination of a follicular unit transplant and a follicular unit extraction. This is actually the best bet when you have the requirement for more than 5000 grafts. With our expertise, we can extract close to 4000-4500 grafts from the scalp alone and the rest of the grafts are often taken from other parts of the body. In the follicular unit transplant, we will remove an entire strip of hair and from that strip, we will extract the required number of grafts. In addition, through the follicular unit extraction, we will also ensure that there are as many grafts as are required. However, we will still suggest that the giga session be completed over two sessions, as opposed to a single sitting.

What are the advantages of giga session hair transplant?

Here are some of the most obvious advantages of getting a giga session:

  • Since a giga session is only about two sittings, you will be able to see the results almost immediately
  • Bald spots will get a cover within the first sitting, providing you with a boost of confidence
  • As a giga session covers more head, you will require lesser visits to the doctor
  • Case studies have proven that giga sessions are often more cost effective, as opposed to multiple sessions

Why get Giga Session Hair transplant done at AK Clinics?

These are just some of the reasons why you should get your giga session done at AK Clinics:
  • The immense experience of the surgical team
  • A full team of expert technicians and fully trained staff
  • Specially equipped operating rooms, which are sanitised and extremely hygienic
  • Proper protocol for graft storage